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Install cart reminder module in pretashop 1.6.x.x via ftp

Install cart reminder module in pretashop 1.6.x.x via ftp

cart reminder module prestashop module is a helpful tool that provides lots of options with the aim at sending email for your customer when they haven’t succeeded to place order.

Your products, the number of visiting customer to your site as well as its advertisements are all great, but the number of order are not relevant – it’s always somehow lower than the real expectations. Customer put your products to cart, then they do not purchase. We have done some researches among normal customers and various type of online stores, and we found out some maincauses that including both objective and subjective reasons such as:

  • Drop the network suddenly
  • Compare the products with some competitor websites
  • Forget the credit card information

Despite all of these reasons, cart reminder module will help you to solve them. By using this module, you can send reminder emails for all of your customers who haven’t purchased products in cart in order to notice that they forgot to buy some great items. Moreover, you can also send unique emails with discount voucher in planned time because our module allows to configure the sending email time and templates. It is such a great point!

In the previous post, I have guided to install the cart reminder module Prestashop module by Back Office, so I will give you another way to install this module with FTP. You need to prepare one FTP client software (I used FileZilla in this guidance); and FTP server information such as User, Password, Server, and Port. Of course, please make sure that you have already had the abandoned cart Prestashop module in your computer. If you do not know how to get it, please go here to purchase one.

Firstly, you have to fill in those server information and click to “QuickConnect” button to connect to your server (screenshot below).

Once you connect to server, you should upload the module archived files to Prestashop module folder on server.

Please go to module, find the “Abandoned cart reminder” and click “Install” button:

The installation is done! It’s so easy right? Now we should configure the module so that it can work perfectly. Please follow this:

In the next screen, please click on “Plus” button:

Please add information for the system like “Name”, sending email time, and the mini cart amount requires to the system can send email.

We can choose the email template in this screen. By default, the system provide three professional email templates, you can create new template or edit current templates. To add new email templates, please click on “Add new” button, or click on “Edit” to edit email templates:

When you add new templates, the module will allow you to create new template from the 3 default templates. You can click on the arrow to switch over the templates you want, and then choose “Select” button:

You can also send a discount code to your customer by configure in “Set Discount” tab:

In the set discount popup, you should add the discount value you want: