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How to avoid receiving different admin emails at the same email thread?

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After customers submit the form, you will receive automatic emails at your admin email.

But the coming emails are grouped at the same conversation like in the screenshot below:

How to Change the Subject Line in Gmail when Replying — Email Overload Solutions


This article will show you how to avoid the case. The solution we suggest is to change the email subject to different one when you receive emails.

Please follow steps below:

1. In the app G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form, select a particular form that you want to send email notification

2. From the form page, click Settings tab > Click Mail > Click Admin

3. In the list of email Placeholder, select one variant to add to email subject. For example : variant {{email}}



4. Click Save to update the changes.


Now the emails come to you with a specific subject:

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