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App pricing FAQs

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Is there an available plan for over 25000 products in my store?

Yes! The plan for over 25000 products (less than 100000 products) is $149/month.

Each product in my store has multiple color and size variants. Will the app count as a product or multiple products?

If a product has three colors and four sizes, our filter app will count it as ONE product. You can check the total number of products in your store by following this link: https://your-store-name.myshopify.com/admin/products/count.json. Remember to change your-store-name in this URL to be your Shopify store name.

My store has a lot of unavailable products for Online store. Will they also be counted?

No, we only count products that are visible for the Online store.

What happens when my total products exceed the current app plan?

We will automatically send a notification email to the store owner’s email address to ask for upgrading app plan.

How to cancel my subscription?

The app subscription will be automatically canceled when you removed it from your Shopify app list. 

The app is asking me to choose an app plan right when I install it. How to get the 21-day free trial?

At first, you must select an app plan that is suitable for the number of products in your store. After that, your store will have a 21-day free trial. We will not charge any fee if you uninstall the app within free trial days.




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