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Settings for this app contain those options below:

  • Do not show recommendations if the product contains one of the following tags: Add tags of products you want to not show the recommendation items to this box.

Note: You should add one tag per line.

  • Products which contain any of tags below will not be displayed in the recommendations: Add tags of products you want to exclude to this box.

Note: You should add one tag per line.

Tag of products should be added inside each product in the Shopify product folder:

  • Open related products on new tab?: Tick on this checkbox if you want to use this feature.
  • Redirect to the shopping cart page after adding a product?: Tick on this checkbox if you want to direct the customer to the Cart page after adding a product. You should use this feature if your theme ajax add to cart feature is not supported by this app. You check the list of supported theme here.
  • Product image ratio: Enter the suitable image ratio for your product images.
  • Carousel Template auto-scroll?: Tick on this checkbox if you want the widget slider auto-scroll.
  • Carousel Template Max Items: Enter the maximum number of items can appear in the widget slider.


Admin turn on the discount feature by ticking on the Enable option. After that, he should select Discount type and set up Discount value.

Lastly, admin click Save to finish.

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