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App Settings

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Admin go to Navigation > Settings or click on the Go to Settings option:

1. General

General settings include three options:


  • Search suggestions:
    When the client search for a product in the search box, a list of suggested products will show up.

  • Product filter on search page:
    Tick on this checkbox if you want to filter products on the search page.

  • Show the number of matching products:

2. Hide out of stock Products/Variants


  • Show: Select this option if you want to show sold out products/variants on the collection page.
  • Hide: Select this option if you want to hide sold out products/variants on the collection page.

3. Product grid item image, price

  • Show product feature image
  • Show selected variant image (if available)

4. Filter tree

This app provides three filter sidebar layouts. You choose one among three filter layouts depending on your theme style.

  • Vertical:

  • Horizontal:

  • Off Canvas:

5. Sort By

There have 9 available sort by options. You just untick on any options you don’t want to show up on store front.

Result in storefront:

6. Pagination Style

This app provides 3 pagination styles:
  • Pagination:

  • Infinity Scroll: The product list continues appearing when the client scrolls down the page.
  • Load More button:


7. Metafields

Contact us to enable this feature. When this feature is enabled, the data synchronization speed will be reduced. It should be used only if extremely necessary.

Note: The meta fields will be used for display purposes only. Users can’t filter meta fields.

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