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Build Request for quote form

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  1. From the app admin page, click More
  2. Select RFQ Formbuilder


1. Add a new field to the RFQ form:

  • Drag and drop to add a field, see below:

2. Edit a field:

  • Click on the Edit icon

  • The admin can add values for each field’s settings. Let take the “Name” field as an example:

  • Required: Tick on the checkbox if it’s a mandatory field.
  • Label: Admin adds the field label.
  • Help text: Admin adds help text for this field.
  • Placeholder: Admin adds placeholder text for this field.
  • Class: This field is used to add a custom coding class. You can ignore this field if you do not have coding skills.
  • Name: The value of this field will be created automatically by our app. This unique ID will be considered as a variable in order to put into Email notification content.
  • Access: Admin can ignore this field.
  • Value: Enter the first value which will be appeared when the form shows up.
  • Type: Select the value type of this field.
  • Max length: Enter the maximum allowed characters for the value of this field.

3. Duplicate a field:

Admin clicks on this below button to duplicate an existing field:

4. Delete a field:

Admin click on this below button to delete an existing field:

5. Add Captcha to the RFQ form:

Step 1: Getting the free API keys

The only requirement for getting your free Google reCAPTCHA V2 API keys is that you must have a Google account (a Gmail account). If you do not have one, you can sign up for a free Google account here

Once you have your Google account ready, go to the Google reCAPTCHA website, look at the top right corner, you will see My reCAPTCHA link, click on it.

Next, scroll down to Register a new site :
      1. Choose the type of reCAPTCHA: Checkbox
      2. Enter your domain in Domains settings
      3. Finally, check on Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service and click Register button

      4. Once you have clicked on the Register button, Google will generate two keys: Site key and Secret key.

Step 2: Finish settings

Go to Settings and use Site key and Secret key that you’ve just got in the previous step to fill in Google reCAPTCHA Site key and Google reCAPTCHA Secret key.

6. Video Tutorial

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