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Change date & time format

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This app provides 3 types of date formats and 2 types of time formats.

  • Date format: Y-m-d / m-d-Y / d-m-Y.
  • Time format: 12h / 24h.

Steps to manage

  1. From the app left navigation, click Option sets.
  2. Choose an option set you want to adjust.
  3. In the list of added options, click on the datetime option you want to adjust.
  4. In the Format field, choose a format to display the date-time information in the storefront by clicking on a tab. We provide 3 available types: Date & time / Date / Time.
  5. In the Date format dropdown, select a suitable date format option with your shop.
  6. In the Time format dropdown, select a suitable time format option with your shop.
  7. Click Save to finish.

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