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Color Swatch

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Add color swatch

Admin can access the setting color value page by two ways:

  • In the app’s left sidebar, click on Color Swatch.
  • In the app’s dashboard, click on Go to Color Swatch.

The settings for each color include 3 options:

– Option 1: One color

Admin chooses One color option > Choose a color value > Click Save.

– Option 2: Two color

Admin chooses Two color option > Choose two color values > Click Save.

– Option 3: Image as color swatch

Admin chooses Image option > Upload an image > Click Save.
The result in the front office:

Display color swatch (Square, Round)

Go to Product Layout, scroll to Color Swatch setting:

  • Hidden: Do not show up color options
  • Show – Round: Display color options in round shape

  • Show – Squares: Display color options in square shape

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