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Connect form data to Campaign Monitor

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In Campaign Monitor

Step 1: Find or Generate Campaign Monitor API Key and Client ID

Please follow this link to find your API key.

Step 2: Add Campaign Monitor API Key and Client ID to the app settings

1. From the app admin page > Settings 

2. In the Campaign Monitor > Client ID and API key field, enter the data created in the Steps 1 above

3. Click Save to update the changes

In Globo Form Builder app:

Steps 3: Map the form data to Campaign Monitor

Before Map the data, please make sure you create the contact list in Campaign Monitorto connect the data from the Globo form with that list.

Follow this link to know more.

1. From the app admin page, click Form > open the form you want to deal with

2. Click Settings > Integration >Campaign Monitor


3. Tick on the checkbox Enable and select a contact list in the List dropdown

The list in the dropdown is the contact list from Campaign Monitor that you want to add form data to.

4. Select the value of the Globo form (on the right) to connect it to the fields in Campaign Monitor (on the left)


  • The Email value is compulsory here to create a new profile in Campaign Monitor
  • The other values are optional. Please map them based on your needs

For example: the First name  field of Campaign Monitor is matched with Name field of the form, the Mobile phone field of Campaign Monitor is matched with Phone field of the form.

5. Click Save to update the changes

6. Check the data in Campaign Monitor after the form is submitted

In Campaign Monitorafter the Globo form is submitted, the data will be added to Contacts > the selected contact list.

If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address apps@globosoftware.net

We are always willing to help with all sincerity!

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