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Create and manage a filter

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A filter list always contains a “default filter” after installing the app successfully. The filter tree will display on all collections pages by default.
This article will guide you on how to create and manage a new filter tree.

Create a filter

Step 1: Create filter information

In the app’s dashboard, admin clicks on the Add Filter button to create a new filter.
  • Filter name: the name is easier to discern other filters for example: Filter for Shoes, Filter for Clothing
  • Collections that use this filter: You can choose any collections that the new filter should be applied.

Note: A filter can be applied to many collections. You can create multiple filters.

Step 2: Edit filter options

All available filter options will be shown up at the Filter options.

You can edit each option directly in its row.
  • Enable: Choose Yes/No to enable/disable this filter option.
  • Label: Enter the filter option name.
  • Filter style: Select a style for this filter option. This app provides 4 filter styles: checkbox, radio, swatch, and swatch-text.
     + Checkbox style:
     + Radio style:
     + Swatch style:
     + Swatch-text style:

Step 3: Change the order of filter options (Optional)

Admin drag & drop a filter option to any positions in the table to change its order in the Filter options list.
Step 4: Complete
Admin clicks on the Save button to complete creating this new filter.

Disable a filter

You can Disable a filter by pressing No on the filter row.
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