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Create subscription plans

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Throughout this guideline, we will give you a closer look at the steps of creating your first subscription plan.

General steps

  1. From the app’s left navigation page, click on Selling Plans.
  2. On the new screen, click on Add a plan button.
  3. Under the Name field, provide a name for this subscription plan.
  4. Under the Option Name field, enter your option name.
  5. Configure the plan details: Delivery frequency, discounts, billing policy, etc.
  6. Select products that could be applied to this subscription plan.
  7. Click on Add button to finish.

Configure plan details

Set up subscription frequency

This app covers almost all types of subscription frequency which include Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly.

You feel free to add any delivery frequency options that are suitable to your business by clicking on the Add option button.

To configure the advanced settings (billing policy, delivery date, and cut-off day) of each subscription frequency, you click on the Settings icon.

Choose a billing policy

To see this advanced option, click on the Settings icon.

Our app provides 2 billing policy types: Pay per delivery and Prepaid. You should see some below definitions for further clarifications.

  • Pay per delivery: The customers must pay for the order when the item ships.
  • Prepaid: The customers must pay in advance for their orders.
    Charge customers every X week(s): This is the number of deliveries that the customers must pay in advance for. For example, if you set the delivery frequency as 1 week, and if the billing timeframe is 12 weeks, and if, your customers will be charged for 12 weeks, but receive the deliveries once a week, for 12 weeks.
    – Minimum number of billing iterations: This is the minimum number of billing iteration you want to bind your customers with before they can cancel their subscription. The default value is one (the very first billing iteration).
    – Maximum number of billing iterations: This is the maximum number of billing iteration that will be fulfilled as a part of the subscription plan, after which it will automatically expire. The default value is infinity.
Set delivery date

To see this advanced option, click on the Settings icon.

Our app provides 2 types of delivery date options: On purchase date and On a specific day of week/month/year.

  • On purchase date: The customers will receive the item on the day they place the order.
  • On a specific day of week/month/year: The customers will receive the item on a specific day of the week/month/year.
    – If the delivery frequency is “weekly”, you must choose a specific day of the week from the day dropdown to ship your item.
    – If the delivery frequency is “monthly” or “yearly”, you must choose a specific date from the calendar to ship your item.
Set cut off days

The number of cutoff days indicates how many days in advance the order would need to be placed in order to qualify for the upcoming order cycle.

Let take the below example for a better understanding of this functionality:

  • The subscription’s billing date is on the 10th of every month.
  • The cut-off is 5 days.

–> All orders which are being placed during the time from 5th to 10th will not be charged again on 10th this month and will move to the next month’s billing cycle instead.

A question might arise: What happens if we don’t set cut-off days in this case? If your customer places an order on the 13th (they had to pay you immediately when placing this order), without cut-off days, the next billing will occur on the 15th – only after 2 days of the first charge!! You even don’t have time to send the first item to your customers in this case.

In general, the cutoff days functionality helps to prevent this kind of too-close payment between the subscription’s initial and 2nd payment of the billing cycle.

Manage discounts for each subscription frequency
Set a fixed discount for each order frequency

This app allows you to set discounts for each subscription plan. You are able to set a fixed discount value in Percentage or Amount value.

Steps to manage

  1. From the app’s left navigation bar, click Selling plans.
  2. Choose a subscription plan you want to offer discounts on.
  3. Scroll down to the Discount section.
  4. In the Types dropdown, select a discount type: Percentage/Fixed amount.
  5. In the Value field, enter the discount value.
  6. Click Save to finish.

Change discount value after a number of billing cycles

To see this advanced option, click on the Settings icon.

  • In the After Cycles(s) box, enter the number of cycles. After these cycles, the new discount will be applied to the subscription plan.
  • In the Discount field, enter the new discount value.

Choose subscription products

In the adding subscription plan screen, you scroll down to the end of this page and click on the Select Products button.

You can manually select products to add to this subscription plan by browsing products. To select specific variants of a product, you must click on its product name. The list of variants will appear below the product name.

After completing all steps above, you can see the result on the storefront page now:


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@globosoftware.net. We are always willing to help with all sincerity.

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