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Delivery policy

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When the inventory gets the stocks back, you could set up to send the email notification to customers who already pre-ordered a product based on the priority conditions

  1. In case you disable the button of “ Delivery Policy“, the app will automatically send the email notifications to all of the clients who subscribed to receive emails when products are restocked
  2. If the ” Delivery policy” is enabled on the app, you can send the email notifications to each group of customers as following conditions:
  • Notification rate: The proportion between subscribed customers and inventory quantity ( You can set the rate =1 to notify the same number of subscribed customers as the inventory quantity
  • Notification order: Define which group of customers should get the priority to send emails
  • Minimum quantity to send:  Set the minimum quantity in which customers will receive email notifications when there are at least X items in the stock

Until now, the app will set the limitation on the number of Back-in-stock emails being sent to subscribed customers 1000 emails for Premium plans

Note: The Back-In-Stock is not available for FREE plans.


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