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Display a form on Shopify front store

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Activate app embeds on your theme

To show the form on your store, firstly make sure the app embeds is activated in your theme.

Please follow this guide: Theme integration (globosoftware.net)


Displaying form on a specific page

Please follow this guide: Display a form on a specific page (globosoftware.net)


Displaying form on a specific product

  1. From Shopify admin page > click on Products > open a product page detail you want to show the form on
  2. Add the shortcode of form to the product description
  3. Save  to update the changes

Please refer to this video to visualize clearly:



Display a form on Homepage

Step to manage

In the G:Form Builder – Contact Form app: 

1.From admin app, click Forms > open a form you want to display

2. Edit and save the form as your desire

3. Click Publish tab > copy the embedded code of the form

In the Theme editor 

1. From Shopify admin page > click Online store > Themes > Customize > open Hompage template

2. On the left side, click Add section > select Globo From Builder app

3. Paste the form code (embeded code) to the content of app block

4. You can drag and drop to change the position of the app block (the form) on the Homepage

5. Click Save  to update the Theme editor

6. Go to front store to check the form on Homepage


Tutorial video


Displaying form to a specific position

  1. From Shopify admin page, click Online stores > Themes
  2. Click Actions in the current them, select Edit code
  3. Add the shortcode of form in any position that you want to show up this form in the product-template.liquid file
  4. Click Save to apply the change

Please refer to the below video to visualize clearly:



Why does the form not appear on the page?

  • Please check again to make sure that you have already integrated the app with the live theme on the site
  • If you are trying to showcase the Cart form or Bulk Order form, please check your current plan and make sure you are on the app’s Paid plan (since these two forms are not available with the FREE plan).
  • If you are already in the app’s paid plan but the Cart form is still not showing up, please add this script code above the Checkout button: <div class=”globo-formbuilder” data-id=“your-form-ID”></div>.
  • If the form still could not appear on the storefront page, please leave us an email at apps@globosoftware.net so that we could provide further assistance.

How to hide the form shortcode when loading the page?

In case you don’t want the shortcode to be displayed while loading a form, please use embed code instead.

Click here for more details.


Note:  this guideline is only applicable for Shopify stores that have already installed our G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form app. For any new visitors that would like to give our app a try, please take a quick look at it on the Shopify app store and add this form builder app to your shop: https://apps.shopify.com/form-builder-contact-form


If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address apps@globosoftware.net

We are always willing to help with all sincerity!

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