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How to hide Store pickup and Local delivery product on collection page?

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All Shopify stores have a page at the URL your-store.com/collections/all that lists all of the visible products in the store. This is the store’s catalog page. By default, Store pickup and Local delivery products will be added to your store when our app is installed. You can create a collection to hide the 2 products on this page.

Create a collection to hide Store pickup and Local Delivery products

You can create a collection with the handle all that you can use to hide Store pickup and Local Delivery products on your catalog page.

To create the collection:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.
  2. Click Create collection.
  3. Create the collection:
    • Give your collection the title All.
    • In the Collection type section, select Automated.
    • Set the product condition Weight is less than 400kg.

4. Click Save.

5. If you want to change the title of your All collection, then you can edit it now that the collection has been created. It is important, however, that the handle of the collection remains set as all. You can confirm this by scrolling to the Search engine listing preview section, and clicking Edit website SEO:

In the URL and handle text box, you should see a URL that ends in /all:

If the URL ends in something different, then change it to /all, and click Save.

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