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How to place the menu in an expected position?

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When publishing the menu, the app provides an option replace type: CSS selector – Advanced option. You can use this option to display the menu in any position you want. In order to apply this option, you need to have knowledge about html. If not, do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to support it.

Publish menu with Replace type: CSS selector – Advanced option

Publish button → Select theme → Choose a replace type: CSS selector – Advance option → Fill #GloboDesktopMenu in CSS Selector of your main menu input → Fill  #GloboMobileMenu in CSS Selector of your mobile menu input → Click Publish button

Add HTML tag to your theme

Go to Themes → Actions → Edit code

Open liquid file and add <div id="GloboDesktopMenu"></div> to the position you want the desktop mega menu to be displayed. For example,

and add <div id="GloboMobileMenu"></div> to the position you would like to show the mobile mega menu. For example,

Save files and check the result

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