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Why the form is not showing?

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1.Please follow all of the fulfilled steps to display the form on the Shopify pages. You can take a reference to one of the links below:


2. Please check again to make sure that you have already integrated the app with the live theme on the site


3. The Cart form and Bulk order form are only available in paid plans of the app

Please check your current plan and make sure you are on the app’s Paid plan (since these two forms are not available with the FREE plan).

If you are already in the app’s paid plan but the Cart form is still not showing up, please add this script code above the Checkout button: <div class=”globo-formbuilder” data-id=“your-form-ID”></div>.


4. In case you already proceeded two of the steps below but the form still fails to show up on the site, please get in touch with us to get the fastest support. We will offer the assistance to update the form as your desire

This is the email address that you can reach out to us apps@globosoftware.net

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