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Limitation for 40 emails per month in Free plan

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What is limitation for 40 emails per month? 

From the days of establishment, our Form Builder app has been serving the needs of general store owners who want to create their own specialized forms.

We also want to retain this free option with a long-lasting purpose to bring a more remarkable experience for users.

However, till this period of time, owing to the restriction in the technological resources,  especially in the number of monthly sent emails,  we have to set a limitation at the maximum of 40 emails per month to admin and to customers who submit the form in the Free plan.


Is there any way to avoid the limitation? 

In case you are using your own Custom SMTP email, you can’t be affected by this change.

Refer to this link to get more details about setting custom SMTP: https://globosoftware.net/kb/how-to-setup-smtp-email/

How can I take a view of the submissions when failing to receive emails?

You can view the submissions data via app-admin > click Submissions:

NOTE: We will send notification emails when your store is reaching the limitation of 40 emails per month


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