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Manage discounts for each subscription frequency

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Set a fixed discount for each order frequency

This app allows you to set discounts for each subscription plan. You are able to set a fixed discount value in Percentage or Amount value.

Steps to manage

1. From the app’s left navigation bar, click Selling plans.

2. Choose a subscription plan you want to offer discounts on.

3. Scroll down to Subscription plans Discount section.

4. In the discount type dropdown on the right, select a discount type: Percentage/Fixed amount.

  • Percentage: the discount is the percentage of the product price
  • Fixed amount: the money amount

5. In the value field on the left, enter the discount value.

6. Click Save to finish.

For example: Customers will purchase the plan with the discount of 20% of product price based on the below setting:


Change discount value after a number of billing cycles

  1. From the app’s left navigation bar, click Selling plans.
  2. Choose a subscription plan you want to offer discounts on.
  3. To configure the advanced settings (billing policy, delivery date, and cut-off day) of each subscription frequency, you click Show advanced options
  4. Tick on the checkbox CHANGE DISCOUNT AFTER?
  5. Enter the number of cycles and the discount value with fixed amount or percentage
  6. Click Save to finish.
  • In the After Cycles(s) box, enter 5 into this box.
  • In the Discount field, enter 30% discount value.

For example:

The subscription discount will be changed to 30% of product price after being recurring 5 times.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at apps@globosoftware.net. We are always willing to help with all sincerity.

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