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Merge filter option values into groups

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The group values function helps you to merge different values into one group. For instance, you can combine the light blue, dark blue, and midnight blue into one group called ‘Blue’ value.


  • The merge value function only works with Product options and Product Tags!
  • If you create or delete a Merge Value, don’t forget to re-sync your data from the Dashboard. 

Creating group values


  1. From the app’s left navigation bar, click Merge Values under FILTER section.
  2. Click Add Group.
  3. In the Group Name field, enter the group name.
  4. From the Filter Type drop-down, select a filter data type of this new group. The list of filter option values shows up in the Available values column based on the selected filter data type.
  5. In the Available values column, choose the values you want to add to this new group.
  6. Click Add to move these values to the Selected values column.
  7. Click Save to finish.
  8. Go back to the app Dashboard.
  9. Click Sync Data button to update the changes.

Displaying group values

By default, the new group will appear in the filter sidebar immediately. If the new group value doesn’t appear in the filter tree, you follow the below steps to add it to the filter option.


  1. From the app’s left navigation panel, click Filters under the FILTER section.
  2. Click the edit filter icon.
  3. Scroll down to the Filter Options section.
  4. Click the setting icon to manage the filter option values.
  5. The Edit Filter Option popup will appear.
  6. Under the Values section, select the Manual Selection option.
  7. Choose the new group value in the All Values column.
  8. Click the Add button.
  9. Click Save to complete.

Question: Why do the old values still appear in the filter sidebar after I merged them into a new group?

You must remove these old values from the Selected Values column to the All Values column. See the screenshot below:

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