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Set up limit quantity for the available pre-order products

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From the app options, you can set up the limit quantity to prevent the shoppers from ordering more than the available pre-order products inventory.

Please take note that the limit quantity will show up in case you set up the stop quantity in the stop pre-order condition 

To set it up, please keep track of this instruction below:

  1. From the admin page of the app, click “ Single product” tab
  2. Select any pre-order products that you want to configure
  3. Enable pre-order status
  4. Set up pre-order start condition and overselling settings
  5. Set up stop quantity in the stop pre-order conditions ( The stop quantity must be less than start quantity)
  6. Click ” Save”  to update the change
  7. Check out the limit quantity box on the product page

For example: In the backstage of the app, in case you set up the stop pre-order quantity = -10 and the start quantity =0 , the customers will be allowed to add to cart 10 pre-order products and the limit message would be shown up also 


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