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Set up SMTP email for Pre-order products

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Here are all of the essential steps required to set up SMTP email:

  1. From the admin site of the app, click ” Settings” tab
  2. Click ” Mail
  3. Click ” Mail SMTP” 

It is an optional feature.

If you do not configure this option, email notifications will be sent from our email server by default.

Please follow our guide below to configure it

Step 1: Allow Access to Google Account

Before using Gmail SMTP, you need to authorize your server to access your Google account.

Click here, log into your Gmail account, then click Continue

Note: You should use your main Google account to achieve this purpose

If you have merged accounts from google you will receive an authentication error

Step 2: Generate App Password if 2-Step Verification is Enabled

You have to enabled 2-step verification on your Google account, you would need to generate application-specific password.

Select Other/Custom name from Select App, give it a name such as “DO – Production Server” and then click Generate

Note down the application password as it will be required in the next step

Now, open the link again and click Continue.

Step 3: Configure Gmail on the SMTP Add-on

Enter the Gmail details inside SMTP app (to activate SMTP app)

1.Use smtp.gmail.com as your host email
2.Use port 465
3.Use mail encryption SSL
4.Enter your Gmail login user name/email address: your.username@gmail.com
5.Enter you App password 
Note: This password needs to be the App password that has been created in Step 2, not the password of G-mail account 


If you do encounter any difficulty while proceeding these steps, don’t show any hesitation to contact us promptly via the email address


We are always willing to help with all sincerity


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