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Edit a filter option

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Smart Product Filter & Search has some feature for you to custom filter values. The guide will introduce all of the features for you.

Admin clicks on the Settings icon to start editing a filter option:


A dialog will show up after that.

Collapse filter block

To collapse all filter option values by default, admin should tick on Collapse Filter Block option to enable this feature:

Result on the storefront:

Show search box

To show a search box under the filter option name, admin should put a tick on the Show search box option:

Result on the storefront:

Sort the values

Sort type: To sort the values of the filter option, the admin selects a suitable Sort type. This app provides three sort options:
+ Sort values by A-Z.
+ Sort values by Z-A.
+ Sort values manually. Admin should use the Move Top, Move up, Move Down, and Move Bottom features to edit values’ order.

Remove prefix from values

This feature helps to remove unnecessary characters of filter option values.  For example, in order to remove “pre-” from pre-order, admin just add “pre-” to the box below and click Save.

Result on the storefront:

Custom text transform

You can set the text style for the filter value in front end.

Select among the four options for value texts: None, Lowercase, Uppercase, and Capital.

Tooltip content

Don’t hesitate to contact us If you are looking for more feature on the filter values.

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