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How to setup Store Pickup?

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Store Pickup option will give your customers the ability to collect their order from your store, rather than have to pay for shipping.

When customers select Store Pickup method, the app will automatically add a “Store Pickup” product whose weight is 99990 (kg or lb) to cart. In order to let Shopify apply the proper shipping method, you need to add a condition “Based on item weight” with the min weight 99990 (kg or lb).

This guide will show you how to set up “Store pickup” method when your customers select “store pickup” on cart page.

Before start, I would like to have a note:
The app will not work If your site has multiple “shipping profiles“. You should choose other apps in the case.

Add “Store pickup” method

Step 1: Open Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping

Step 2: In the “Rates at checkout” section. Click to “Manage rates


The app will not work If your site has multiple “shipping profiles.”

Step 3: Search for “Shipping to

You must select the right “Ship from” & “Shipping to”. Please don’t select “Rest of the World”

For example: If you set “Shipping from” USA, you need to select “Shipping to” USA. Don’t set up for “Rest of the World”

Step 4: Click “Add rate”

You will see the following screen, please click “Add conditions

Please enter details by following the screen:

  • Choose: Set up your own rates
  • Rate name: Store Pickup (You can add any name depending on your language)
  • Price: Set the “shipping fee” for store pickup. Example: Free, $10, $20…
  • Choose: Based on item weight (this why we automatic add “store pickup” product to cart)
  • Minimum weight: 99990 (kg or lb)

Click “Done” when you complete those steps.


Here is the result:


Change billing address

Open “Settings” > “Checkout

Scroll down to “Order processing” and disable the checkbox where it says “Use the shipping address as the billing address by default”

Tutorial video

Please view this video for more information


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