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Upsell Popup

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To begin with, you go to Popup > enable Upsell Popup

There are 2 stages in Upsell Popup’s settings

Stage 1:

In this page, you can set up Upsell Popup’s format, Title, Continue Shopping Button, Checkout Button, and Go to Cart Button

Stage 2

Set up targeting products and bundle products showing in the popup

 Firstly, go to Upsell Popup

1. There are six default offers for you. Enable the ones you would like.

  • Click on a default offer to configure
  • Bundle products are set as default, you can edit text and discount if necessary

  • Set up targeting products (where the upsell popup is displayed)


2. Add your custom offer by clicking New Offer

  • Set up bundle products


  • Set up targeting products


Here is the result in the front end

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