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What should I do when the form shows the error message of ” addresses.country required” ?

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In case you want to use the form created by the app to register Customer account on Shopify, it would be a requirement on the case that they need to fill out the field of country address on the form.

If your form keeps showing the error message of “addresses.country“, the clients might not be able to submit the form on the site and this will be listed as a pressing issue on your own site

In order to avoid this particular circumstance, please check out all of our necessary steps to configure the app

Create a hidden field

  1. From the admin page of the app, select the Forms tab, select any particular form that you want to set up on the app
  2. On the form page, click Add element > click Hidden field
  3. Change the label as your desire text
  4. Assign the value as a particular country that you want to add on
  5. Click ” Save” to update the change on the form

Assign the property of “addresses.country” for the hidden field

  1. From the form page, click on Settings tab > Click Integration
  2. Click Shopify >Enable the checkbox Create Shopify customer
  3. Add the property of ” addresses.country” into the hidden field which has been created
  4. Click ” Save
  5. Check out the result once more time on the form in the front-end site

In case there is still much confusion and misunderstanding while applying all of these steps on the form, please get in touch with us for urgent needs via this email address apps@globosoftware.net

We are always on standby to offer the assistance to all of your cases

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