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Why doesn’t the discount code box appear on checkout page?

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For add-on options (products containing add-on options), our app will have a mechanism to create a custom checkout, and there will be no discount box on the checkout page for this case (Shopify doesn’t support discount box when use Draft Order API).
We have worked to add a discount box on the cart page/drawer cart.

In this article, there are 2 main points:

1. Enable/Disable the discount box at cart page for cart with add-on options

Steps: From the app admin page, click Settings, you will find this option (Only available in the stores of our test list)

2. Limited of discount box on the cart page

Discount types that are supported by our app:

  • Percentage and Fixed account are currently supported by our app

Discount types that are NOT supported by our app:

  • Free shipping
  • Buy X get Y
  • Customer Eligibility – Specific groups of customers
  • Usage limit
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