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Widget Settings

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Product page

You can enable 2 widgets on the product detail page.

  • Bought together
  • Related products

You click on the Settings icon to configure each widget.

Cart page

You can enable only 1 widget on this page. It’s the Related product widget.

Widget settings

Each widget contains those below settings:

1. Enable: Admin tick/untick on the checkbox to enable/disable this widget.

2. Title and Title alignment: Enter the widget title and select an alignment option for the widget title.

3. Number of products and Max Width: Set the total number of products showing on the widget and the maximum width of the widget. Admin tick on the Random box to show related products randomly.

4. Conditions: Admin can select the list of conditions to take out the related item list. Admin select ON to enable a condition, and OFF to disable a condition.

5. Template: Select a widget template. This app provides 3 layouts: Carousel, Table, and List. He can preview the selected template in the Template preview section below.

6. Template Settings: Admin enable any elements he wants to show on the widget by ticking on the checkbox.

Result in storefront:


7. Font size: Admin can set up heading, product name, price, and “Add to cart” button font size.

8. Color: Admin selects the color values of the box title, product title/price, as well as the “Add to cart” button.

Lastly, click Save to finish.

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