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Mobile Responsive Design

In fact, more and more people use their smartphones to surf internet instead of desktop because of its convenience for example: longer duration, small device, etc. To address this requirement, there is no doubt that you need to upgrade all traditional websites to responsive website designs. Responsive web design responds to the needs of the users and devices they are using including iPhones, Android, Window phones.

Previously, most websites were designed for full screen desktop or monitor only. When accessing through smaller screens such as smart phones, some parts of pages are cut off and users have to scroll. This is so confusing for users especially the people who don’t have much time. Responsive design is the best answer. The fact that all companies desire to have a mobile responsive design for their websites because it is practical needs. No matter what devices you are using, you can see the same Desktop version layout in all mobile platforms, Ipads and Tablets. That’s why mobile responsive design is much preferable than normal design before. Mobile responsive design makes your webpage look good on all kinds of devices and browsers and easy to use. Whenever you check the websites on large or small screen size, it will automatically adjust to fit that screen size with the best look.

Responsive websites delivers a constant experience for users who are browsing the websites in multiple platforms. Using responsive website will help to increase the user experience & potential customers, reduce the bounce rate. Following are the advantages of using responsive design including technology and business advantages:


All contents of responsive websites are compatible across all screen resolutions and devices. You will get the same result with website review on a device screen.

Excellent User Experience

User experience enables visitors to consume content on any websites through the devices of their choice, preference, anytime without having to scroll or resize to access your websites from favorite device.

Cost effective

Having a single website which is compatible on all devices are strongly recommended when compared to having two separate websites. Certainly, one website costs less than two, you can save money and invest for another one in the future to get more profits.

Recommended by Google & Bing

Actually, Google prefers responsive web design because contents that stay on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, link or interact with than contents that stay on 1 separate mobile site. Regardless of devices, it makes Google easier to index, organize contents with one URL and same HTML instead of multiple versions of the same site.

Easy to manage

Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires separate management and it is more difficult than managing one site and one SEO only.